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The Transformative Spirituality of Christian Social Ethics is a Course

The Transformative Spirituality of Christian Social Ethics

Ended Jun 10, 2022

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June 6-10 9:00-11:00 AM Spring Hill College or Online  Dr. Matthew Bagot, PhD

One of the crucial tasks of contemporary moral theology is to reconcile spirituality with our lives in the world. In other words, how does one's personal life play out amidst various historically conditioned social structures? More concretely, what are the implications for us all of globalization and the need for peace? These issues lie at the heart of the work of Luigi Sturzo (1871-1959). Founder of an early “Christian democratic” party in Italy after World War One, Sturzo later fled to London from the Fascists and wrote extensively on religion and society. This course will serve as an introduction to Sturzo’s work and its relevance today.