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Father Teilhard de Chardin Audit: Creation Spirituality of Father Teilhard de Chardin is a Course

Audit: Creation Spirituality of Father Teilhard de Chardin

Ended Jun 11, 2021

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The traditional spirituality of the Society of Jesus, finding God in all things, is wonderfully presented in the writings of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J. His own personal, spiritual and intellectual development emerged hand in hand with his growth as a first class scientist. His major books and letters give us a wonderful array of insights into the mystery of creation as it emerged in the presence of Christ. As the universe rises towards complete unity with God, we are called to that Pauline vision (I Corinthians: 15.28), “when God shall be all in all.” Both in his narrowly spiritual writings, such as The Divine Milieu, and more specifically in the symphonic climax of The Phenomenon of Man, he centers all things in Christ, integrating the ascent of humankind physically and spiritually.